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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Interactive ideas

I've just been thinking of ways to use video in live performance/installation settings with Max/MSP. Would it be possible to use a Cabinet as a portal to communicate both ways (like skype?) yet also be more interactive, as in adjusting the video and feeding it back to the sender, or blending the two video feeds together to project in a public space. What would be the difference between two-way surveillance and a video chat? or a live chat? How mediated could you make the conversation?

OK, so I take my cabinet and put in a surveillance camera, but project it both back to the viewer and another location. Then film that other location and send it back to the first viewer, so that they know they are not only being watched, but that they have a presence elsewhere that may or may not have an audience.

Or what about a painting or actual person, with pressure/proximity or force sensitive resisters, where the viewer is rewarded for breaking taboos such as touching artwork or performers.

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