Widowsweave is an awareness raising series of performances highlighting the conditions of Iraqi Widows who often struggle to acquire even basic necessities such as clean water or adequate shelter. Through artistic durational activities the artist and public participants mark 3,000,000 lines representing the number of Iraqi widows from 30 years of war, tyranny and sanctions.


Kevin Valentine will have three new pieces in the Faculty Show at North Central College, Naperville. The reception is April 8th, from 6-8

Tuesday, December 8, 2009


If Red Hot Chili Peppers met Rage Against the Machine

Monday, December 7, 2009

War School - Ctrl.Alt.Shift (Film Competition Winner)

This disturbing short film gets to a point quickly and clearly

Home Fires blog at New York Times

Todays NYTimes online has an article on an Iraqi Translator/Faulkner expert living on a temporary pass South of London, with a stipend that only feeds him, not his wife and four children.  It is part of a series entitled Home Fires:


Home Fires features the writing of men and women who have returned from wartime service in the United States military. The project originated in 2007 with a series of personal accounts from five veterans of the Iraq war on their return to American life; the 2009 version includes dispatches from the forum's original contributors, and from new participants.


Some of the discussion is reminiscent of the discussion with Jaber, Heidi and Chris last night at the coffee shop.  Only Jaber hasn't become disillusioned so much as disheartened I think.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Mental Explosion

I have so many Ideas and questions that it's great (except for the lost sleep) 
1. Do I want a fiscal sponsorship or not-for-profit?
2. Both? Is that legal?
3. In other words, how do I support my art and the charity?
4. How do I retain copyright of my art - or artistic control anyway? or do I? or should I?
5. If I sell something, am I the artist or the not-for-profit.
6. If I publish something, am I publishing it or is the not-for-profit?
7. In other words, if I start a not-for-profit, can I still make art? or is it all part of the NFP?

1. I can take my built Cabinets and put monitors in, then chalk the cabinet
2. Can't forget to interview Iraqis and Widows in particular.
3. How to light the granite slab - and should it be polished?
4. Make a documetary
5. Make an independent film