Widowsweave is an awareness raising series of performances highlighting the conditions of Iraqi Widows who often struggle to acquire even basic necessities such as clean water or adequate shelter. Through artistic durational activities the artist and public participants mark 3,000,000 lines representing the number of Iraqi widows from 30 years of war, tyranny and sanctions.


Kevin Valentine will have three new pieces in the Faculty Show at North Central College, Naperville. The reception is April 8th, from 6-8

Friday, September 18, 2009

Pile of Sand: Another Fundraising-Exhibit Idea

A Mountain of Sand, Blown Away:  1,500 people bring to a gallery two liter bottles (or 3,000 people bring one liter bottles) and climb a ladder to funnel the sand into a mountain of sand.   3,000,000 cubic centimeters of sand will pile on the floor. A single pedestal fan aimed at the sand plows it in a pattern across the floor for the duration of the exhibit.
Each participant pays a certain amount which is collected for the Widows of Iraq.

There is now 3 tons of sand on the gallery floor.  Therefore a contractor or volunteers be to be prearranged to dispose of the sand.

Another way to do this is on a beach where the sand can remain.  A fan may or may not be required.

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