Widowsweave is an awareness raising series of performances highlighting the conditions of Iraqi Widows who often struggle to acquire even basic necessities such as clean water or adequate shelter. Through artistic durational activities the artist and public participants mark 3,000,000 lines representing the number of Iraqi widows from 30 years of war, tyranny and sanctions.


Kevin Valentine will have three new pieces in the Faculty Show at North Central College, Naperville. The reception is April 8th, from 6-8

Monday, May 4, 2009

Updates for final projects

It's been while since my last post - but I have been working. All my final projects seemed to coalesce around the Widows performance piece. I'm definitely going to make the box for my Widow's book, though further research on my part suggests that my symbolic numbers were actually overstated (i.e. the budget for the Minister of Women's Affairs was actually cut from $90000 to $18000 annually, or about one fourth the total stated in the Artist's proof of the book).

I also am trying to finish the piece that will activate more video overlays and sound tracks as pages are lifted to reveal more light. This is proving challenging as I can't seem to get MAX/jitter to show the layered videos, despite working sound and working tutorial examples! Grrr.

And for the prototype/interactive book, we'll see how much time the other two take.

I've got to get cracking on the vellum book and the box for the hardbound book - and also keep plugging away at MAX!

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