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Monday, July 20, 2009

Oxbow Work Day

I'm trying to remember Thursday clearly on Monday morning. Thursday continued to be a work day with my covert/overt projects and setting up the tent, finishing editions and silkscreening. It's a little bit of a blur because I had a list of nine things I wanted to get done, and I just kept finishing as many as I could.

For Overt/Covert I continued to hand out the slips of paper requesting people to tell different people: "I have something for you" ...rummage around... "I can't find it right now" "I'll give it to you later" I assigned a different person to each member of the class including Carson and Stephanie. I tried to find people who would actually have something for them. Roommates, friends, coworkers. It took about two days to cover all bases, but by dinner it was all set up.

For the Overt part, I set up a Smile Cam in the dining room at dinner and left it up through dinner the next day, but I think that it was too much to ask for people to start and stop the camera. Or the directions were too bland. If I had a surveillance camera system, one that wouldn't automatically shut down ever ten minutes like my DV cam, I think it would have worked mu better. Perhaps I will try some combination of these projects again in some form. The instruction was to make your friend smile on camera without using words.

I signed all my prints in the Widows edition, despite the fact that some were varients, with unprinted corners, or slightly darker printing. It was either that or switch to buff paper in the middle. I had ink but no more Rives Heavyweight White paper.

I captured, edited and rendered selections of the Smile Cam, and the Sand drawing. I went to meet with the Temporary Services group of visiting artists, but I had signed up for the wrong day. the sheet had no break in the middle - say Thursday at the top, and 3:30 at the bottom, but in the middle it change from Thursday to Friday. If only I had taught them graphic design:)

Late night I went over to cut my tent stakes down 7 inches to since they weren't going to sink into sand on the meadow. I helped Michelle put together some construct of a miniature doorway. After putting all the tent stuff in my room, I don't remember what else I did; perhaps that's when I wrote the Lines in the Sand post?

I printed a set 25 impressions of the screen print on a two yard long peice of nice cotton canvas (twill?). I came out well, but somehow looked smaller, not larger. I think that it would have to be much, much larger for it to carry the weight of the symbolic number, three million. I know I did this late, but it was probably Wednesday.

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